Reformer Pilates

We offer a wide variety of classes to suit all levels of fitness and experience from beginners to advanced.  

Each of our studios has 10 A2 Allegro Reformers, internationally recognised as the highest quality and most versatile studio reformer. Our classes are led by our qualified, experienced instructors who are dedicated to you. We have a focus on functional anatomy and closely monitor all members to ensure you are completing each exercise correctly and safely so you get the very best results. 

General Classes

A full body workout designed to lengthen and strengthen.

 This is our basic level class and will help you master your basic Pilates repertoire leaving you energised and centred as you leave.

This class is suitable for everyone.

The All Levels Class is designed with flexibility in mind, so you can get to the class you want at the level you want!

This class is suitable for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Pilates clients.  For beginners, we still recommend you attend the Fundamental or Basic Classes first.

Designed to target the body in its entirety, this class is ideal for clients wanting to progress their Pilates practice.

This intermediate class is designed to lengthen, sculpt and chisel, leaving you feeling stronger.

This class is suitable for those that have commenced their Pilates practice and are confident in the Fundamental and Basic Reformer classes.

The advanced class is for those experienced at their Pilates practice. This class is designed challenge, strengthen and build your Pilates practice.

This class is recommended for those that are deep in their Pilates practice with us at the studio. Please liaise with your instructor if you feel are ready to try the advanced class.

Release tension, relax and rejuvenate the body. This class has been designed to rebalance, realign and increase your range movement, whilst strengthening the core and improving flexibility.

This class is suitable for everyone.

Our speciality class on the standard timetable, this class targets lifting, sculpting and toning of your body.

This is an intermediate to advanced level of class and suitable for those that have commenced and are committed to their Pilates practice.

Designed to energise and get your heart rate up!

This Jump Board class combines the elements of both cardio and strength training. You will improve your strength, coordination and endurance and leave feeling invigorated.

The Basic Class is the place to start if you are new to cardio Jump. The Open Class is for all levels.

Cycle Fit is our speciality class on the standard timetable.

This class is designed to complement your biking performance and counteract postural imbalances and muscle length changes that occur due to the cycling position.

It works to strengthen and condition as well and stretch and length where needed.

Speciality Classes

This is a specialty class for new mums and their beautiful bubs! This class is run as a course, in 6 week blocks each school term and designed to safely ease you back into exercise. Our specialty post-natal classes will have you feeling strong and confident in your body while your little one is safe on a mat beside your reformer, or snoozing next to you in the pram.

Private and Semi-Private Pilates Classes are currently available with Melika on Thursdays between 1pm and 4pm or by appointment.

These classes are designed specifically for your body and great for going deeper into your practice. They can also be a great way to return after a pause in practice and for rehabilitation. You will learn more about your body and form, technique and breath with specialist attention.

Book a private group class for your team. 

Available on enquiry. Please contact us.

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